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 Are you ready to grow and improve your business this year?  We’ve asked our speakers to reveal their most effective practice management and growth strategies, and they’ve delivered!  We want you to succeed in 2016 and beyond, so we’ve also provided this treasure trove of free gifts—all designed to help you implement (and profit from) critical areas of improvement within your firm.

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The truth is that people all over the world are in great need of the services you provide.  Your ideal clients are waiting to meet you.  If you had no other reason to grow and improve your business, that would be reason enough!  

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The Digital Marketing Bundle

Contributed by Jeremiah Desmarais

Three free videos that will show you how to generate leads now, tomorrow, and the long term.

  • Video + Worksheet: $38,000 YouTube marketing trick that generated 20,000 free views of an insurance video using a simple 10-minute technique.
  • Video + Worksheet: A step-by-step LinkedIn strategy that generated 4 insurance appointments in 20 minutes.
  • Video: How to send emails that tap human psychology and get opened.

Free to Everyone:  The Digital Marketing Bundle

Value Each: $297

Quantity Available: UNLIMITED


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Project Map Template

Contributed by Jamie Cornehlsen

Process maps cover one specific area, create teamwork, and provide clarity around RESULTS.  Keep it simple!  Visualize the standard that you provide your clients, see what needs to get accomplished, and by whom.  By having a process map you will eliminate the “job description” and create a sense of teamwork around what needs to be accomplished.

  • Provide your team with an understanding of how its actions serve the client.
  • Set your company apart from the competition.
  • Streamline and standardize work processes across your team.

Free to Everyone:  Project Map Template

Value Each: $1,300

Quantity Available: Unlimited


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Reporter Engagement Checklist

Contributed by Alessandra Malito

Advisors, it’s nice seeing your name in print! You get to share your opinions about the industry with your peers and build your reputation for potential clients.  Here is a checklist of surefire ways to build relationships with media outlets so you can do just that.

  • Learn what a pitch is and to whom you should send it.
  • Determine the best way to reach out to reporters.
  • Keep up with media outlets so you never miss an opportunity.

Free to Everyone:  Reporter Engagement Checklist

Value Each: $97

Quantity Available: UNLIMITED


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Cyber Security Checklist

Contributed by Neal Quon

It is impossible to get through a day without thinking about the security of our devices, systems, and data.

We’ve defined seven key tactics for financial advisors to focus on to dramatically reduce their risks.  Our giveaway provides suggestions for shoring up devices and systems that you can put into practice immediately.

  • Secure your mobile devices.
  • Protect your web surfing activities.
  • Think practically about keeping client data safe.

Free to Everyone: Cyber Security Checklist

Value Each: $100

Quantity Available: UNLIMITED

PLUS!  One raffle prize of a free one-hour technology consult (value $200).


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Referral Marketing Scripts

Contributed by Sandy Schussel

Scripts for a referral system that’s easy to use and really works.  Includes hints you can begin using immediately and a list of ways you can bring the idea of referrals into your conversation without actually asking for anything.

  • A way to see referrals that isn't all about your need.
  • Referral conversations that work--and are comfortable.
  • A simple and effective way to deal with objections.
  • An effective appointment conversation.
  • Asking for referrals without actually asking.

Free to Everyone:  Referral Marketing Scripts

Value Each: $197

Quantity Available: UNLIMITED


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Bottom Line Marketing Bundle

Contributed by Maria Marsala

Before you spend a dime or any of your time on marketing, build a solid marketing foundation.  This starts by determining your niche and getting to the nitty gritty of who your ideal clients are.

The Strategic Partner Template goes hand-in-hand with one of my COSS presentations.

  • Discover if you're marketing to the right clients when you take our quick "Target Marketing Assessment".
  • Qualify and quantify client "touches" all year long with the "Client Segmentation Matrix".
  • Choose better clients when your whole office uses our "Go/No Go Worksheet".
  • Strategic Partner Template to start your journey of partnering with like-minded business owners who can help your clients and vice-versa.

Free to Everyone: Bottom Line Marketing Bundle

Value Each: $497

Quantity Available: UNLIMITED

NOTE:  After you registered for this event, the first email you received also included these downloads.  If you missed it, email me now here.



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Robo-Advisor Survival Checklist

Contributed by Marlon Weems

Robo-advisors are all the rage, and they're changing the wealth management industry.  This handy checklist will help traditional advisors plan a strategy to fight back.

  • Provides steps advisors can take to beat robo-advisors at their own game.
  • Defines areas you can upgrade to make it easier to compete.
  • Gives subtle changes advisors can make to their business models to come out on top.

Free to Everyone:  Robo-Advisor Survival Checklist

Value Each: $297

Quantity Available: Unlimited


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Succession Compliance Checklist

Contributed by Joel R. Beck

A checklist of issues to address that help avoid regulatory and compliance concerns as well as work for success in succession planning.

  • Understand common regulatory violations by RIAs and IARs, and identify tips to avoid problems.
  • Learn about regulatory examination priorities of the SEC.  Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Identify and address practical considerations to help you with succession planning whether buying or selling.

Free to Everyone:   Succession Compliance Checklist

Value Each:

Quantity Available: Unlimited


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Initial Discussion Checklist

Contributed by Mary Ann Buchanan

Advisors, set the stage for the crucial discussions with a potential match when you’re a buyer or seller.  While a leap of faith is part of the process, there are intermediate steps to test the success of a future partnership together.  Your life’s work hangs in the balance.  Here is a checklist of steps and insights to guide you through the decision process.

  • Learn an excellent mutual assessment process.
  • Gain a sense of a reasonable timetable.
  • Incorporate this foundational material into your firm’s strategic plan.

Free to Everyone:   Initial Discussion Checklist

Value Each: $397

Quantity Available: Unlimited

PLUS a one month subscription to RIA Match! 

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